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Sanatorium “Belaya Acacia”

Sanatorium “Belaya Acacia” is a modern comfortable sanatorium located on the coast of the Black Sea in Odessa having a perfect clinical base for diagnostics and recovery treatment.

Sanatorium’s medical profile is sanatorium-and-spa treatment and rehabilitation on:

  1. Cerebrovascular and cardiovascular pathologies;
  2. Locomotorium diseases;
  3. diseases of organs of vision;
  4. Endocrine system function abnormality;
  5. ENT –pathologies;
  6. Dental health service

Stomatology – caries treatment and its complications, teeth restoration. Parodentium treatment. Dental implantation. Enlargement bone tissue operations (sinuslifting and autotransplantation.). Teeth splinting on periodontitis.

Ophthalmology – diagnostics and vision diseases treatment (conjunctivitis, meibomian blepharitis, keratoconjunctivitis, uveitis and optic neuritis of different aetiologies). Treatment of eye diseases developing against the background of endocrine pathology. Laser stimulation of accommodation cramps, myopia, hyperopia, ambiopia, dystrophic diseases of optic neuritis and retina. Phosphene electrostimulation.

Otorrhenolaryngology- treatment of acute and chronicle sinusitis, otitis, adenoids, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis applying fiber endoscopic apparatus. Audiometry for diagnostics and treatment of cochleoneuritis and deafness. Prosthesis of hearing.

Treatment-and-diagnostics department includes:

  • multifunctional laboratory equipped by modern facilities of “Melltt Schloesing”,”Humalizer 2000”, “Schwarzer”
  • functional diagnostics department (Dopplerography, EEG, US – diagnostics, ECG, electromyography and diagnostics of diseases dealing with sleep disturbance) “Toshiba”, “Atys Medical”, “Innomed”, “Karl Stozz”

Medical rehabilitation department provides a broad range of water and physiotherapy treatments:

  • medicated bath and douche, underwater douche-massage, hydromassage *
  • thermal – and pelotherapy*
  • physiotherapy*
  • laser therapy*
  • massages: classic, segmental, vacuum*
  • phytotherapy*
  • dietotherapy with mineral waters*
  • therapeutic physical training*
  • hydrocolonotherapy

*- hotel voucher-inclusive package

Additional services and rest:

  • gym, sauna, solarium, tennis court, billiards
  • conference service
  • banquets
  • child’s playing ground
  • beach

Accommodation: first class of two-rooms (TV, fridge, air-conditioner) with a loggia

Food: three dietary meals a day for sanatorium guests. We may propose a diet taking into consideration the doctor’s recommendations.

Address: 59, Frantsuzskiy boulevard, Odessa, 65058, Ukraine

Phone: booking office 8 (048) 392636, marketing office 8(048)7281509

E-mail: info@akacia.od.ua


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